More than 30 years of experience in the grain supply industry grant us an ample experience with the products we deal with. But in any case our traders constantly check the new tendencies of the market and its products, e.g. in the biomasses area, the latest market we have been expanding in the recent years.

We aim to give advice to our customers in the best way and to support them also after the writing of the contract; for these reasons, it is fundamental for us to keep a connection with the supplier/buyer during the whole execution of the contract, from logistics to the receipt of the funds. In order to provide this service, one of the skills of our team is linguistic accuracy. Our workforce can speak the most common Eu languages, such as English, German, French, Spanish, Russian but also Portuguese and Serb.

In addition to this, a deep knowledge of international trade and its rules (e.g. rules of the Bourse of Paris, Wien, London and Milan) is at the core of our execution activities; to achieve this aim, our staff regularly attends educational courses sponsored by international associations (e.g. Gafta) and it constantly is informed about the latest news normative matters (e.g. Incoterms, amendments in the contracts of reference and so on.)

Last but not least, we always attend the International Grain Ex
changes which annually take place around Europe and other regional exchanges (Cobesud in Sète, Lonja de Barcelona, Donaubörse in Wien, Karlsbörse in Prague, Szechenyi Börse in Budapest, Ce.Mi. in Milan): this allows us on the one hand to be always updated about the latest tendencies of the market and on the other hand to stay personally in touch with our customers, one of the strongest points of our company